Is it impractical for you to manage and maintain your colonies within your own facility? Maybe you have space limitations or you want to focus your resources elsewhere? Inotiv is here to help you by leveraging our long history of colony breeding and maintenance services.

Through our decades of experience in breeding and colony management, supporting both our own colonies and those of our customers, we have developed deep expertise in all aspects of creating and managing research model colonies. Our continuous investment in capabilities, facilities and personnel has enabled us to refine and formalize the comprehensive set of contract breeding service offerings available today. We fully understand the importance of high quality breeding services to colony management and to the integrity of your research. When you partner with Inotiv, you have a research ally who brings both a provider and customer perspective to your program as we develop and execute your plan of action.

Inotiv’s unique history and perspective means that our contract breeding services expert employees are dedicated to providing high quality, reliable and consistent results for your project as if it were our own because, actually, it is. With a shared commitment like that, you can count on us to be the most dependable supplier of contract breeding services in the industry.

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