The challenge of maintaining colony health

The maintenance of healthy animal populations is vital to research integrity. Today’s facility managers have to manage an increasingly complex research environment, balancing these pressures with the significant consequences of an outbreak mid-way through a research project. To achieve this, they must:

  • Understand the inherent risks in facility infrastructure and procedures
  • Identify gaps and eliminate unnecessary pathogen targets in health panels
  • Understand the benefits (and limitations) of different test technologies
  • Collate results from different sources into actionable health overviews
  • Keep track of current FELASA standards and interpret guidelines
  • Interpret test results and be ready to take appropriate corrective action

Health monitoring services

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Trusted, tailor-made testing programs

fshm-brochure-dl-imgFull Spectrum health monitoring supports EU facility managers in maintaining healthy research colonies. At its core is the ability to submit a wide range of NSP (non-sacrificial panel) samples as well as animals for testing on the best technology for target pathogens.

Several studies were undertaken to validate the performance of NSP tests developed internally at Inotiv. The purpose of these studies and results are summarized in our white paper 'Comparing Non-sacrificial Panel (NSP) and Traditional Animal Health Monitoring'.

This capability is underpinned with access to our experienced staff who are able to help identify vulnerabilities and build bio-secure processes, design test profiles that meet your research needs, provide insightful test reports, and be on hand to respond to bio-security issues should they occur.

Full Spectrum health monitoring combines a complete suite of services to assess, design, test, report, interpret and support facility managers in the maintenance of healthy animal populations critical to research integrity.

Bio-security assessment

Expert on-site assessment of your facilities, processes and practices to inform the design of appropriate health monitoring regimes necessary to achieve required microbiological standards. Learn more

Test profile design

Tailored test profile designs that are appropriate to your research needs, eliminating unnecessary pathogen targets to deliver a clear health picture using NSP techniques wherever possible. Learn more

100% health validated testing

Comprehensive health monitoring test programs via serology, bacteriology, parasitology and pathology, delivering 100% health validated testing from a wide range of accepted samples. Learn more

Insightful reports

Pre-agreed schedule of insightful reports that include both the data and summarized interpretation of the results to deliver a complete health picture. Learn more

Expert interpretation

Should a bio-security concern occur, the program provides access to Inotiv experts to help interpret positive results, and advise on appropriate corrective action. Learn more

Support services

Comprehensive support services to ensure continuity and quickly recover from outbreaks, should they occur. Services include cryopreservation, rederivation, revitalization, speed congenics and genotyping. Learn more
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