Inotiv provides general toxicology studies under internationally recognized regulatory guidelines for the safety evaluation of your small molecule, biotherapeutic drug candidate or medical device. Our experienced and proven scientific teams regularly contribute to successful Investigational New Drug application (IND), New Drug Application (NDA), and Biologic License Application (BLA) submissions. You will receive timely and reliable reports that meet regulatory requirements and guidelines, including eCTD compliant reports and SEND compliant datasets. Our diverse capabilities enable us to offer flexible, targeted solutions to meet your needs at various phases of your program. We can provide a full safety assessment solution including study designs, study conduct, sample analysis, and data interpretation—or you can take advantage of our standalone services.


We customize our approach to make sure you get the insights needed to move your program forward.

As part of a Inotiv’s general toxicology program, we use rodent and non-rodent models offering: 

  • Acute single dose toxicity testing and repeat dose range-finding studies to help define and profile the core toxicities of your test article providing data to establish acute exposure limits to the compound being tested. Studies are typically conducted in rodent and non-rodent models and range from 2-5 weeks in life.
  • Subchronic and chronic toxicity studies using rodent and non-rodent models (NHP, canines, swine, and rabbits) are developed to provide data that detects the physiological and pathological impact of a test article, which supports the strategic development of longer-term clinical trials. There are several study types involved with time ranges from 4 week to 9-month studies.
  • Carcinogenicity rodent studies are designed to evaluate the tumorigenic potential of your drug candidate. We conduct carcinogenicity studies in full compliance with GLP regulations and offer the transgenic mouse models (rasH2) as a 6-month alternative to the full 2-year mouse carcinogenicity program. To learn more about our carcinogenicity studies please click here.  

Your general toxicology programs need additional support, and we offer comprehensive integrated solution or standalone services to provide you with the insights you deserve.

  • Full histopathology support with our experienced staff of over 25+ ACVP board-certified pathologists who engage in consulting and expert interpretation for a broad spectrum of studies, tissues, species, and disease states. To learn more about how our histopathology will support your project, click here.
  • Additional pathology services include a comprehensive array of clinical pathology and biomarker services to support projects in animal models, discovery, and preclinical studies. Coupling traditional hematology, coagulation, clinical biochemistry, and urinalysis with targeted, next-generation biomarkers, our specialized pathology laboratory services are available to meet your clinical pathology and biomarker development needs. To learn more about how our clinical pathology services can support you, click here.
  • Bioanalytical and pharmaceutical support with a team consisting of Principal Investigators and Scientists with an average of 15+ years of experience in non-regulated and regulated bioanalysis. We support small molecules, biotherapeutics, and biomarkers with method development, validation, and sample analysis. To learn more about our bioanalytical services, click here.
  • Comprehensive drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic (DMPK) team with over 40 years’ experience of supporting pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic (PK/TK) data analysis, PK/TK analytical modeling, dose analysis, drug-drug interaction potential, and bioequivalence/bioavailability analysis. To learn more about our DMPK services, click here.
  • Guidance to help plan your longer-term studies starts with optimizing study performance. We help you design your toxicology studies by selecting the appropriate in vivo models, dose concentrations, and routes of administration to enhance your outcomes. To learn more about our consulting services, click here.
  • Research Models and Services provide you with a comprehensive selection of research animals needed to perform your safety assessment studies. We deliver timely solutions that ensure you have the resources needed to meet your scheduled milestones. To learn more about how our Research Models and Services can help you, click here.
Computational-Toxicology Computational Toxicology Computational Toxicology

Inotiv’s computational toxicology group offers you a wide range of expertise across informatics areas, allowing us to draw on data from your assays, in-house resources, and relevant literature to deliver the insights you need.

toxicogenomics Toxicogenomics Toxicogenomics Inotiv’s toxicogenomics studies are a powerful tool for the safety assessment of preclinical candidates, as well as novel small molecule and commodity chemicals. in-vivo-toxicolgoy-and-pharamacology In Vivo Toxicology and Pharmacology In Vivo Toxicology and Pharmacology At Inotiv, you have access to specialized in vivo models to help you drive your program forward. Our goal is to provide you with preclinical (efficacy and toxicity) data to support the advancement of your biologic and small molecule from discovery to First-in-Human studies. Development-and-Reproductive-Toxicology Development and Reproductive Toxicology Development and Reproductive Toxicology Inotiv supports DART and Juvenile animal studies (JAS) which are essential in identifying the potential risks of undesirable effects of your drug candidate, agrichemical product, or other chemical. icon-genetic-toxicology Genetic Toxicology Genetic Toxicology Genotoxicity assessment has long been an important and required aspect of product development. As a worldwide leader in Genetic Toxicology, Inotiv is uniquely positioned to provide the assays, testing paradigms and expert advice to assist in the safety and hazard assessment of your products in development. icon-surgical-models-devices Surgical and Medical Device Surgical and Medical Device Inotiv, a leading provider of nonclinical testing services for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, offers comprehensive surgical models and medical device testing solutions.

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