Archive Services

Expect more from your trusted partner for the secure preservation and management of your valuable research assets. At Inotiv, we offer an extensive archive solution in our purpose-built commercial facilities, with a commitment to good laboratory practice (GLP) compliance. Benefit from our newly expanded facilities with secure and climate-controlled storage for GLP and non-GLP documentation, biological samples, and research materials. Located within a controlled environment, the GLP archives serve as a critical resource for ensuring the integrity, traceability, and regulatory compliance of research activities.

  • GLP Document Storage

    GLP Document Storage

    Secure and compliant storage
    for GLP documentation to meet rigorous
    regulatory standards

  • Biorepository Management

    Biorepository Management

    Expert management of biological
    samples, ensuring preservation, traceability, and accessibility for future research

  • Customizable Storage Plans

    Customizable Storage Plans

    Tailor your archival plans to suit
    the unique needs of your research projects, providing flexibility and scalability


Specialized storage units cater to the diverse needs of preserving various types of samples and documents. Temperature and humidity-controlled environments preserve the stability and quality of archived materials over time.

Upon entry into the archive, all materials undergo cataloging and labeling procedures, enabling efficient retrieval and tracking. Inventory management systems are utilized to maintain detailed records of each item stored, including its origin and storage location. This meticulous documentation ensures transparency and accountability in the handling of archived materials.

Climate/Temperature Controls

  • Commercial grade, forced air heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Redundant HVAC in sensitive storage areas
  • Refrigerators, low and ultra-low temperature freezers (-4°C, -20°C, -80°C, -120°C)
  • Liquid nitrogen

Security measures are paramount within the archive facility, with restricted access limited to authorized personnel only. Access control systems, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems are employed to safeguard against unauthorized entry, theft, or tampering. Additionally, strict protocols govern the handling and transportation of materials within the facility to prevent contamination or loss.


Consider Inotiv as your GLP archiving partner. We serve as your vital resource by providing a secure and reliable archiving solution for preserving the integrity and authenticity of the data and samples you generate.

Contact our archive team today at to customize your storage plans to align with the unique requirements of your research projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Archive Services

What types of back-up power are used in the archive?

Battery back-up supports security and fire suppression systems as well as emergency generators; generators have routine load testing performed and are the emergency power back-up.

What type of fire suppression and monitoring is used in the archive?

There are both smoke detectors and thermally activated sprinklers in the archive facility. The facility is monitored 24 hours per day by an off-site monitoring service and fire and emergency responders are notified immediately if needed. If sprinklers are activated, it is followed by freeze drying of the paper documents.

What types of security measures are in place in the archive facility?

Entry into the archives is by electronic controlled access and is equipped with perimeter and security alarm systems; all doors have magnetic door contacts and there are infrared motion detectors within the facility. All refrigerated and freezer storage are equipped with audible alarms. The facility is monitored 24 hours per day by an off-site monitoring service and fire and emergency responders are notified immediately if needed.

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