Proteomic Analysis

Target Sufficiency™ is the ability of a target system to respond to a therapeutic. It reflects the abundance and forms of the drug target protein, as well as other key system proteins that connect the target to disease phenotypes and enable response. Assessment of the target system requires an analysis platform that can simultaneously capture multiple precise protein measurements.

Our platform is built on targeted mass spectrometry (MS), which provides precise, sensitive, and specific measurements and is the gold standard for protein quantitative analysis. Analyses are multiplexed, which enable simultaneous measurements of dozens of proteins per sample. Molar scale measurements by targeted MS enable analysis of the abundance ratios of key system proteins. Inotiv has developed over 150 targeted protein assays and can rapidly configure a new assay for any protein.

Target Sufficiency™ enables direct, quantitative analysis of drug target systems in cells, tissues, and tissue models, including formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. Drug targets can be measured in their diverse forms (including sequence or splice variants and post-translationally modified forms) together with their key protein co-regulators that constitute therapeutic target systems. Target Sufficiency™ defines the target system in its native cell or tissue environment and enables development of more effective therapeutic strategies and personalized therapies.

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Inotiv’s Target Sufficiency™ platform delivers unique solutions to enable therapeutic development for multiple diseases and therapeutic modalities.

Oncology drug target systems

Assay panels for multiprotein systems targeted by oncology therapeutics, including immune checkpoints and related immune regulators, growth factor receptor/kinase systems, cell cycle regulators, cell death regulators, hormone receptor systems, and antibody drug conjugate (ADC) targets.

Enabling successful gene editing therapies

Precise abundance measurement of editing nucleases and key host system proteins in tissues that govern both successful editing, as well as off-target effects and toxicity. This information informs dosing strategy to maximize efficacy.

Autoimmune disease target and tissue landscape

Assay panels to quantify therapeutic target abundance, along with immune cell infiltration and key protein mediators of tissue integrity and injury.

Ensuring effectiveness in targeted protein modulation

Routinely achieve measurements over 2-3 orders of magnitude in protein abundance. In addition, Target Sufficiency™ can simultaneously verify the presence of critical host proteins, such as ubiquitin E3 ligase proteins to which PROTACS and similar molecules are targeted. Target Sufficiency™ can survey cell and tissue models for preclinical development of drug candidates and prioritize tumor types for therapeutic programs.

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