Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology (DART)

We offer a broad scope and wide range of DART services:

  • Fertility (male and/or female)
  • Embryo-fetal development/prenatal developmental toxicity study
  • Prenatal and postnatal development, including maternal function
  • Combined 28-day/reproduction screening
  • One- and two-generation reproduction study

Developmental Neurotoxicity

Scope and range of services:

  • Studies
    • OECD 426: Developmental neurotoxicity study
    • EPA OPPTS 870.6300: Developmental neurotoxicity study
  • Evaluations
    • Clinical observations and bodyweight
    • Neuropathology (immersion or perfusion fixation)
    • Sexual maturation
    • Other developmental landmarks
    • Behavioral ontogeny
    • Motor activity
    • Motor and sensory function (auditory startle)
    • Learning and memory

Juvenile Animal Studies (JAS)

Scope and range of services:

  • Customized study designs
    • Species selection and age for intended patient populations
    • Consideration of timing of dosing, exposure, monitoring, pharmacological/toxicological differences
  • Evaluations
    • Routine and target organ toxicological endpoints
    • Nervous system
    • Reproductive systems
    • Skeletal system (growth)
    • Neurobehavioral

Inotiv has built an internationally recognized DART and JAS study team through close collaboration with industry-leading experts.

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