Our genetically engineered models and services (GEMS) provide flexible solutions that meet your needs. Customize the genetics of a rodent model to your specifications through gene deletion, insertion and other modifications. If you need a knockout or knockin rodent model now, choose from an array of pre-developed transgenic rodent models.

We also provide transgenic model support services such as custom breeding, cryopreservation and recovery, and rapid colony expansion. These services can help you manage your project resources as well as anticipating downstream projects. Lastly, we offer tumor models and studies through the use of patient derived xenografts (PDX) for breast cancer and melanoma. Bring clarity to your research with our collection of PDX models.

Inotiv matches your level of acute attention to detail because our scientists, project managers, and experts have made a commitment to building a healthier and safer world. We offer you the experience, quality, and consistency that is essential to your success.

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