Are you concerned about the health status of your research models? We understand the impact of health status on the outcome of your experimental procedures. Your colony must be maintained within generally accepted target microbiological status specified within the FELASA Recommendations (FELASA, 2014). Inotiv's rederivation service standardizes the reporting of microbiological status and allows animals to be exchanged between laboratories and breeders with the confidence that known microbial adventitious agents will not be inadvertently introduced.

When you utilize our rederivation service, you can expect:

  • Embryo or hysterectomy rederivation from breeders obtained from the donating institution
  • Health status evaluation using customer-approved microbiologic monitoring profiles on foster or recipient females and/or offspring
  • Elimination of pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms
  • Elimination of distribution restrictions to collaborating investigators
  • Elimination of variables that affect research results
  • Offspring delivered to the customer or maintained by Inotiv for colony expansion

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Services offered:

Services Requirements Project outcome
Rederivation with health screening (your line can remain at Inotiv for colony maintenance and breeding or shipped back to your facility) 5 donor males (6-27 wk); 10 donor females (3-4 wk) or 15 wild-type donor females (3-4 wk); Genotype of donors Rederivation to generate a small cohort (10 offspring) at SOPF Health Status.
Speed rederivation with shipment of pregnant recipient females (pregnant recipients are shipped back to customer, no health screening included) 5 donor males (6-27 wk);10 donor females (3-4 wk) or15 wild-type donor females (3-4 wk); Genotype of donors Rederivation where Inotiv will deliver a minimum of 2-3 pregnant recipients females 7-14 days post embryo transfer. Health screening, shipping and shipping container fees are additional.

Please download our contract breeding and support services brochure  indicating different options.

For more information on our services and to request a quote on your next project, please fill out our breeding questionnaire or contact us in North America at or in Europe at

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