Every moment counts during the discovery process, and we understand that you need the ability to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality. To capture that precious time while ensuring consistency and reliability, turn to Inotiv. Our speed congenics program is essential for accelerating generational breeding in animal models that call for specific genetic predisposition. The time and money saved over traditional backcrossing breeding strategies will provide you with the competitive edge needed to distinguish your research.

What is the speed congenics difference?

Traditional backcrossing requires a minimum of ten generations, requires up to three years to complete, and uses five times the number of animals. The Inotiv speed congenics program reduces this time by 50% (or more), requires a maximum of only five generations, and uses approximately four breeders per generation.

Our ability to accelerate the process of transforming your animal model’s genetic background helps provide insight into the biology and genetic basis of disease and opens the door to myriad research opportunities.

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Technical details

The Inotiv speed congenic program begins with a one-on-one consultation with an Inotiv geneticist to identify the appropriate strain and breeding strategy. This ensures proper colony maintenance and preservation of the genetic region(s) of interest.

After your program has been defined, you can expect the following:

  • Genetic testing services using a combination of both microsatellite and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) panels for characterizing and selecting breeders in a wide variety of inbred mouse and rat strains used in the generation of congenic animals
  • We will provide you with preregistered plates or your can use your own vessels to send us your biopsies. Inotiv rapid DNA isolation is then performed in an automated fashion utilizing robotics and nucleic acid extraction chemistries
  • Colonies are maintained in flexible-film isolators to protect their health and genetic integrity
  • Tissue samples are analyzed through our genetic testing laboratory, and the appropriate breeders for future generations are selected through consultation with you and an Inotiv geneticist. Specific customized breeding protocols are tailored to meet your precise needs
  • The mouse and rat microsatellite marker panels used in our program are derived from numerous data resources. Depending on the specific strain desired for your project, more than 20 markers are utilized to study strain dependent polymorphic markers of identity. All markers have been optimized, validated and referenced against a large number of inbred strains
  • All PCR is performed in an automated fashion to ensure accurate and efficient data generation
  • Following amplification, a state-of-the-art lab-on-a-chip technology from Caliper (AMS90) is employed to detect and size all DNA products. This provides a sensitivity of +/- 2 base pairs on sizing the band of interest and also ensures that even the lowest copy number samples are detected
    Finally, all data is analyzed and presented in a user-friendly proprietary database that is accessible online using an independent and secure login for all Inotiv program participants. Data analysis for each project employs the use of novel algorithms that weigh within screen, across screen and reference database information to make accurate, reproducible and informed determinations leading to the best selection of breeders for subsequent matings
  • Chromosomal regions that require a finer resolution will benefit from the informatics and technology utilized in our SNP profiling panel. A panel of over 500 SNPs is employed to cover all autosomes at approximately 15 centimorgan intervals, conveying a level of specificity needed for speed congenic applications. The Beckman SNPstream® high order 48-plex, single base extension technology is used exclusively for the Inotiv speed congenics program
  • Picogram amounts of DNA are used for each multiplex reaction, yielding a success rate of greater than 98 percent for all assays in predefined panels
  • All multiplex reactions are set up using sophisticated laboratory automation, allowing for the generation of over 500,000 SNPstream® genotypes daily. This ensures that your project is completed in an efficient and timely manner
  • All data are provided in a user friendly proprietary database that is accessible online, using an independent and secure login for all Inotiv program participants
  • A variety of statistical and graphical interfaces allow for the interpretation of strain dependent genetic contributions of each animal tested, and the subsequent selection of breeders to be used in the next round of breeding

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