Animal models of disease provide you with a foreshortened generational window into disease progression. A major advantage for utilizing rodents is the ability to control most genetic contributions across generations to provide you with insight into the biology and genetic basis of disease. Traditional backcrossing requires a minimum of ten generations, requires up to three years to complete, and uses five times the number of animals for breeding. In the world of research, that is still a long time.

The Inotiv speed congenic program can shorten the generational window by reducing your breeding time by as much as 50% using as little as four male breeders per generation.

Our customers get personal attention. Our program includes:

  • Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) panels for characterizing and selecting breeders from a wide variety of inbred mouse strains used in the generation of congenic animals
  • The Fluidigm Biomark™ high throughput SNP genotyping platform used exclusively for our SNP profiling program
  • A variety of statistical and graphical interfaces, allowing for the interpretation of strain dependent genetic contributions of each animal tested, and the subsequent selection of breeders to be used in the next round of breeding
  • Screening for your gene of interest at each generation utilizing standard PCR or zygosity testing offered by Inotiv
  • Inotiv also offers an animal production component to the Inotiv speed congenic program. Your colonies can be maintained in flexible-film isolators to protect their health and genetic integrity. Tissue samples are analyzed at our genetic testing services laboratory

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