Exceptional accuracy relies on exceptional experience. And researchers like you can trust Inotiv’s deep knowledge and expertise with your analytical process needs. Last year alone, the Inotiv RT-QPCR team successfully performed over 1.2 million RT-QPCR reactions.

Whether your laboratory is using a mouse or rat model of disease, human primary cell culture or other species to address your scientific questions, we have a gene expression solution for you. The Inotiv gene expression services program has assembled a team of distinguished scientists in gene expression technology and analysis.

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Begin by consulting an Inotiv specialist. During our initial consultation, we will help you identify the appropriate technology, experimental design and goals to reach your program’s full potential. Then we’ll guide you through a selection of services to build a custom gene expression workflow for your project.

Once we’ve defined your program with you, send your RNA or tissue samples to Inotiv for immediate processing.

Our Technology

When you work with an Inotiv gene expression specialist, we will collaborate with you to identify the correct technology for your application.

The Inotiv program offers a comprehensive selection of DNA microarray services using a variety of high, moderate and low throughput technologies.

Our primary commercial array offerings include microarrays by industry leaders

  • Affymetrix
  • Agilent
  • Illumina

In addition, the Inotiv program offers a full microRNA array service that uses the latest technology available. All array services include quality control of array performance data and access to secure web-based tools for your statistical, clustering and pathway analysis needs.

As an Inotiv gene expression services customer, you have free access to the ArrayAssist® Enterprise software by Agilent.

For your lower throughput applications, Inotiv offers a complete RT-QPCR service. RT-QPCR service begins with an extensive consultation to ensure that the most efficient and sensitive technologies are employed for your RT-QPCR experiments.

Our customers have access to:

  • Applied Biosystems 7900HT sequence detection systems are used
  • A 384 well plate capacity with automation for continuous plate loading
  • An assay design service for Taqman® chemistries
    A library of over 5,000 pre-validated assays
  • For your high-throughput screening projects, you receive the same high-tech personal touch.

Our customers have access to:

  • The Roche Universal Probe Library
  • RT-QPCR reactions, which are prepared using sophisticated liquid handling robots with low coefficients of variation (CVs) for reaction replicates

For your ultra-high throughput screening applications, we use the same quality technology coupled with responsiveness and care for your research and projects. Whether you are looking to measure a few genes within a few samples, or hundreds of genes in a large study, our Inotiv RT-QPCR program employs the technology and capacity to generate reliable data.

Our customers have access to:

  • RT-QPCR program supports Applied Biosystems Taqman® Arrays in both custom and preformatted designs.

When you combine our diverse offerings of species and informatics associated with these platforms, know that your project benefits from superior technology to address your analytical needs.

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