Quantitative analysis can also be completed using a state-of-the-art imaging system and calibrated images. Both hard and soft tissue section analysis can be completed for any select region of interest identified microscopically, as a function of length or area. Our scientists are highly trained in histomorphometric techniques on validated systems to enable routine or specialty analysis designed to accurately measure product performance.

Some typical measurements include:

  • Percent bone ingrowth as a function of an area (a defined region of interest; ROI)
  • Percent residual implant material as a function of a defined ROI (e.g., defect or fusion mass)
  • Percent of a target tissue type (e.g., fibrosis) as a function of a defined ROI 
  • Percent of a target tissue type as a function of tissue or implant length (e.g., percent osteoid on a bone ingrowth surface)
Ground Tissue Section
Bone (red); Osteoid (blue)
Bone Marrow (blue)
Ground Tissue Section showing bone (purple) and implant (black)
Bone in Contact (red) with Implant (black); Implant Length (red+green)
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