Routine Histology

In our GLP-compliant histopathology laboratory, experienced technicians produce routine and specialty histology slides. Our facilities are fully equipped and include a cryostat for frozen sections, microtomes for cutting paraffin and plastic sections, x-ray, and digital imaging systems for high quality explant radiographs of both large (including spines) and small specimens, precision trimming, and cutting systems, as well as automated tissue processors and staining equipment to ensure high quality, reproducible results. 



Our experience-based knowledge of comparative anatomy and temporal changes associated with disease models, enables us to ensure clear identification of the region of interest. 

H&E stain as well as any specialty stain you may require for visualization of cells and tissue at the region of interest can be completed.

Specialized Histology

In addition to routine histology, Inotiv specializes in histology for the Medical Device Industry. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables precision cutting and grinding of both hard and soft tissues containing medical devices, ensuring accurate visualization of the region of interest. Our experience is broad and spans a variety of species and implant materials including, but not limited to, PMMA, PEEK, PLA, PLG, Delrin, Nitinol, CoCr, TiAlV, SS, ceramic and metal/polymer, polymer/biologic, and metal/ceramic combination devices. Even with biomaterials that are “difficult” or considered “impossible” to process, our extensive knowledge of materials chemistry enables preservation of intact tissue/material interfaces and even recovery from poorly processed specimens.



Our experience-based knowledge of comparative anatomy and temporal changes associated with surgical and injection models, enables us to accurately capture the region of interest.   

Stains for specialty histology include Toluidine blue, Stevenel’s blue/van Gieson and others, modified in-house, specifically for plastic-embedded specimens.

Microscopic Analysis

Microscopic analysis of medical devices is completed by highly qualified, experienced Anatomic Pathologists. Qualitative and semi-quantitative microscopic analyses are offered, along with histomorphometry. 


Sample Photos

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