You want to have confidence that your models are reliable and consistent. Unwanted and unexpected variables are the scourge of research investigators. That is why Inotiv offers you a range of specially formulated Teklad Global Diets specifically designed to reduce variability in your oncology research.

Teklad diets are developed for biomedical research to meet basic nutritional criteria. Additionally, our proprietary Teklad formulation reduces the possibility of variation in your research by controlling the introduction of chemicals and compounds that can interfere with the reliability of your results.

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Teklad Global Diets for oncology research

Research challenge The Teklad diets solution
Diet can be a source of variation Fixed formulation
Phytoestrogens can influence the development and growth of many types of tumors, and do so in a complex way Minimal phytoestrogen-containing diets
Chlorophyll in diets is a source of autofluorescence Diets without alfalfa meal
Nitrosamines are potent carcinogens Vegetarian diets
Diet should fit your specific needs Related diets with a range of appropriate options;
Custom research diets produced to your specification
Opportunity to collaborate is limited by differences in protocols Global availability
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