The sodium content of natural ingredients such as corn, wheat, and soybean meal is low. Thus, these ingredients can be used to create a base diet that is sodium deficient. To this base diet, various amounts of sodium chloride salt (NaCl) can be added, and other ingredients adjusted slightly to maintain a relatively constant nutrient profile (with the exception of sodium and chloride).

Below are examples from a popular series of adjusted NaCl diets. Contact us for more information.

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Formula examples
Added NaCl (%) Approx. Na (%) no dye red* dye orange* dye blue* dye
Na deficient 0.01-0.02 TD.90228 TD.08290    
Possible control diets: 0.05% Na (0.1% NaCl) meets est. minimum Na requirement. Typical rodent diets contain 0.2%-0.4% Na (~0.5-1% NaCl).
0.1 0.05 TD.94268   TD.07334  
0.49 0.2 TD.96208   TD.110765  
1 0.4 TD.90229      
Diets for studies that look at effects of excess sodium consumption in rodents.
2 0.8 TD.95078   TD.130345  
4 1.6 TD.92034 TD.110078   TD.03095
8 3.2 TD.92012 TD.03142    

* When added to natural ingredient diets, these water soluble food dyes offer a slight color tint. More intense color can be achieved at higher inclusion rates.

Ask a nutritionist about additional salt concentrations or color options.

These diets are grain-based, with no animal derived ingredients, and have a background sodium content of approx. 0.01-0.02% and a background chloride content of approx. 0.06-0.07%. The selected nutrient content of the diets are as follows: approximately 19% protein, 5% fat, 3% crude fiber, 0.86% Ca, 0.64% P, 0.72% K, and 0.15% Mg.

For additional formulas of this nature, or for a purified sodium adjusted diet, please email us at

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