Inotiv Inc., a leading provider of nonclinical services and products, and Envigo, a leading global provider of research models, have joined together to provide a comprehensive suite of nonclinical and analytical/bioanalytical services, integrated with the widest and most innovative range of research models.

This combination means drug developers and researchers have:

  • Integrated solutions that meet the needs required to bring new drugs and medical devices to market. A discovery and preclinical leader with a unique ability to leverage expansive research model portfolio offers a broad suite of services that enable data to help move your molecule to market.
    • A comprehensive suite of nonclinical and analytical/bioanalytical services integrated with the widest and most innovative range of research models
    • The ability to work with one organization — Inotiv — to support the development of their molecules for the entirety of discovery and nonclinical development while getting the same highly personalized service that characterizes both companies
  • Access to deep expertise and scientific capabilities across the discovery and preclinical continuum. This means an enhanced ability to support clients from early discovery through investigational new drug (IND). Inotiv brings scientific leadership, a long and impeccable regulatory history, and world-class team of scientists who deliver a comprehensive range of nonclinical and analytical/bioanalytical services. Envigo has a track record and deep experience with supply of critical research models across the industry, including:
    • Large research models, including non-human primates (NHPs)
    • Wide range of high-quality, small research models for basic research and drug discovery, as well as specialized disease and therapeutic area specific models
    • Genetically engineered models and services (GEMS), contract breeding services, Teklad laboratory animal diets, surgical services, animal health monitoring, and custom antibody manufacturing services

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