Below you will see our IHC antibody list. We can accommodate other specific or modified stains and/or procedures not listed. We are adding new antibodies weekly, so please contact us to request an antibody not listed.

Immunohistochemistry Markers Mouse Rat Human
4-HNE/4-Hydroxy-2-nonenal Human
5-hydroxymethylcytosine/5hmC Mouse
6X His Tag Mouse
A1AT/α1 Antitrypsin/SERPINA1 Mouse Rat Human
AC3/Cleaved Caspase 3 (Asp175) Mouse Rat Human
AC8/Cleaved Caspase 8 (Asp391) Human
Acetyl-Histone H3 (K27) Mouse Human
Acetyl-Lysine Mouse Human
Acetyl-αTubulin (K40) Mouse Human
Activin A/Inhibin Beta A Mouse Human
Adiponectin/AdipoQ Rat
Adrenomedullin/ADM Human
Aggrecan Human
AhR/Aryl hydrocarbon receptor Rat
ALK2/ACVR1 Mouse
Amyloid beta/Abeta Mouse Rat Human
Androgen Receptor/AR Human
Angptl7 Mouse Human
Apo(a)/Apolipoprotein A Human
ApoB/Apolipoprotein B Human
Aquaporin 3/AQP3 Human
Arf6 Mouse Human
Arginase 1 Mouse
ASGR1 Human
ASGR2 Human
aSMA/ACTA2 Mouse Rat Human
aSynuclein Mouse
ATF-3 Rat Human
ATF-4 Human
ATG16L1 Human
ATP synthase C Mouse
B2M/β2-microglobulin Mouse
Bcl-2 Mouse Rat
Bcl-6/B-Cell Lymphoma 6 Mouse Rat Human
Bcl-XL Mouse Rat Human
Biotin (endogenous) Mouse Rat Human
BrdU Mouse
BRG1 Mouse
Btk/Bruton's tyrosine kinase Mouse Human
c-Myc Mouse Human
C/EBPalpha/CEBPa Rat Human
CA12 Human
CACNG5 Mouse
Cadherin 16 Mouse
Cardiac Troponin T/cTnT Mouse Rat Human
Cas9 Mouse Rat
Cathepsin K/CTSK/CatK Mouse Rat Human
CCL5/RANTES Mouse Human
CCNE1/ Cyclin E1 Mouse Human
CD11b Mouse Rat Human
CD11c Mouse
CD133 Human
CD16 Rat
CD163 Mouse Rat Human
CD166/ALCAM Mouse Human
CD19 Mouse Human
CD20 Human
CD25/IL2RA/Interleukin 2 Rα Human
CD3 Mouse Rat Human
CD30/Ki-1/TNFRSF8 Mouse Human
CD30L/CD153/TNFSF8 Mouse Human
CD31/PECAM-1 Mouse Rat Human
CD32a/FCGR2A Human
CD33/SIGLEC3 Human
CD34 Mouse Human
CD35/CR1 Human
CD39 Human
CD4 Mouse Rat Human
CD44/Pgp-1/HCAM Mouse
CD45/LCA Mouse Human
CD45R/B220 Mouse
CD47 Human
CD56/NCAM1 Human
CD68 Rat Human
CD71/TFRC Human
CD8 Mouse Human
CD98/SLC3A2 Human
CDKN2A/p16INK4a/p16 Mouse Rat
CFH/Factor H Human
cFos Mouse Rat Human
CGRP Mouse Rat
ChAT/Choline Acetyltransferase Mouse Human
Chromogranin A/CHGA Mouse Human
Chymase Human
Claudin 1/CLDN1 Mouse Human
Claudin 2/CLDN2 Mouse Human
Claudin 3/CLDN3 Mouse Human
Claudin 4/CLDN4 Mouse Human
Cleaved PARP Human
CLPP Human
Collagen (pan) using Collagen Hybridizing Peptide Mouse Rat Human
Collagen I Mouse Rat Human
Collagen II Rat Human
Collagen III Rat
Collagen IV Mouse Rat Human
Collagen VI Human
Collagen X Rat
Complement C3 Mouse Rat Human
Cone Arrestin/Arr3 Mouse
COX IV/Cyclooxygenase IV Mouse Human
COX2/Cyclooxygenase 2 Rat Human
CR1/CD35 Human
Cyclin D1 Mouse
CYP3A4 Rat
Cytokeratin 10/KRT10/CK10 Human
Cytokeratin 15/KRT15/CK15 Mouse
Cytokeratin 17/KRT17/CK17 Human
Cytokeratin 18/KRT18/CK18 Mouse Human
Cytokeratin 19/KRT19/CK19 Mouse Rat Human
Cytokeratin 7/KRT7/CK7 Mouse
Cytokeratin 8/KRT8/CK8 Human
Darpp-32 Mouse
Dclk1/DCAMKL1 Mouse
Desmin Mouse Rat
DRD2 Human
DRD5 Human
Dystrophin Mouse Rat
E-cadherin Mouse Human
E2F3 Human
EGFR Mouse Human
Elastin Mouse Rat Human
ERK/MAPK (p44/42) Mouse Rat
F4/80 Mouse
FABP4 Human
FAH Mouse Rat Human
FAPα Mouse Rat Human
Fibrinogen Mouse
Fibroblast/TE-7 Human
Fibronectin Human
Filaggrin Human
Firefly Luciferase/fLuc Mouse Rat
FITC/Fluorescein Mouse Rat
FOLR1/FBP/Folate Binding Protein Human
Foxp3 Mouse Human
Frataxin/FXN Human
G-quadruplex DNA/RNA Mouse Rat Human
G-quadruplex DNA/RNA Mouse Rat Human
G6PC/G6Pase/Glucose-6-Phosphatase Mouse Human
GADD45β Rat Human
GAP43 Mouse Rat Human
GBA/Gcase/Glucosylceramidase Beta Human
GFAP Mouse Rat Human
GFP Mouse Rat
GJB2/Connexin 26
GLP1 Mouse Human
Glu-Glu Tag Mouse
Glucagon Mouse Rat Human
Glucocorticoid Rcptr/GR/NR3C1 Human
Glutamine Synthetase/GLUL/GS Mouse Rat Human
Glypican-3/GPC3 Human
GM-CSF Rα/CD116/CSF2RA Mouse Human
GNAT1/Transducin alpha Mouse
Granzyme B/GZMB Mouse Human
HA Tag Mouse Rat
HDAC4 Mouse
HER2/ErbB2 Human
HMGB1 Mouse Rat
HNF1A/HNF1 alpha Rat
HNF4A/HNF4 alpha Mouse Rat Human
HO-1/Heme Oxygenase 1/HMOX1 Mouse Human
HPC4 Tag Mouse
HSA/HepPar-1/Hepatocyte SA Mouse Rat Human
HSP70 Human
Human IgG Mouse Human
Human Nuclei Mouse Rat
HypoxyProbe/Pimonidazole Mouse Rat Human
Iba-1 Mouse Rat Human
IDO1/IDO-1 Mouse Human
IFNB1/Interferon β Rat
iNOS/NOS2 Mouse Human
Insulin Mouse Rat Human
Integrin α2/ITGA2/CD49b Mouse Human
Integrin α4/ITGA4/CD49d Mouse
Integrin α5/ITGA5/CD49e Mouse Rat
Integrin αE/ITGAE/CD103 Mouse
Integrin αv/ITGAV/CD51 Mouse
Integrin β1/ITGB1/CD29 Mouse
Integrin β2/ITGB2/CD18 Mouse
Integrin β3/ITGB3/CD61 Mouse
Integrin β6/ITGB6/CD Mouse
Integrin β7/ITGB7 Mouse
Interleukin 1 alpha/IL-1a Mouse
Interleukin 11/IL-11 Human
Interleukin 18/IL-18 Human
Interleukin 37/IL-37 Human
Interleukin 4/IL-4 Mouse
Interleukin 4/IL-4 Mouse
IP3R1 Mouse
Ki-67 Mouse Rat Human
Klf4 Mouse
KLF5 Mouse
KLKB1/Plasma Kallikrein 1B Human
KT3 Tag Mouse
Ku80 Human
Lamin B1 Mouse
Laminin Mouse Rat Human
LC3B/Light Chain 3 B Rat
LDL Receptor/LDLR Mouse Rat Human
Lubricin Rat
Ly6G Mouse
MadCAM1 Mouse
Major Basic Protein/PRG2/MBP Mouse
MAP4K1 Human
Mast Cell Tryptase Mouse Human
MBL2/Manose Binding Lectin Rat
MCP1/CCL2 Mouse
MCT4/SLC16A3 Human
Mer/MERTK Mouse Human
Mesothelin/MSLN Human
Metallothionein/MT1 and MT2 Mouse
MHC I/HLA Class 1-ABC Human
MHC II Human
Mitochondria Human
MMP9/Gelatinase B Mouse Rat Human
Mouse IgE Mouse
Mouse IgG Mouse
Mouse IgG1 Mouse
Mouse IgG2a Mouse
MPO/Myeloperoxidase Mouse Rat Human
MUC2/Mucin 2 Mouse Human
MUC5AC/Mucin 5AC Mouse Rat Human
MUP/α2u-Globulin Rat
Myc Tag Mouse
Myelin Basic Protein/MBP Mouse Rat Human
Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein/MOG Mouse Rat Human
Myelin PLP Mouse Rat Human
MYH8/Fetal Myosin Heavy Chain Mouse Rat
Myosin-7A Human
Nestin Human
NeuN Mouse Rat Human
Neurofilament (Heavy)/NEFH Mouse Rat Human
Neurofilament (Light)/NEFL Rat
Neutrophil Elastase/ELANE/ELA2 Mouse Rat
Neutrophil/Ly6G+Ly6C/Gr-1 Mouse
NF-κB p65/RELA Mouse
NGF/Nerve Growth Factor Mouse Rat Human
Nkp46/NCR1 Mouse
NLRP3/NALP3 Mouse Human
nNOS/NOS1 Mouse
NQO1 Mouse Human
Occludin Mouse Human
Olig2 Mouse Rat Human
OMP/Olfactory Marker Protein Mouse
Osteocalcin Rat
Osterix Mouse Human
OTC/Ornithine Carbamoyltransferase Mouse Human
p21/Waf1/Cip1/CDKN1A Mouse
PAH Mouse Human
Pan Cytokeratin/CK Mouse Human
PAR2/F2RL1 Mouse
PCNA Mouse Rat Human
PD-1/PDCD1/CD279 Mouse Human
PD-L1/CD274 Mouse Human
PDGFβ Human
pEGFR (Tyr1068) Mouse Human
pEGFR (Tyr1173) Mouse Human
Perilipin A Mouse Rat Human
pERK (T202/Y204)/MAPK (p44/42) Mouse Rat Human
PGP9.5 Mouse Rat Human
pHistone H2A.X (Ser139)/γH2AX Mouse Human
pHistone H3 (Ser10)/pHH3 Mouse Human
PKM1 Mouse
PKM2 Mouse
pNF-κB p65 (Ser536) Mouse
Procollagen Type I Rat
Proteinase3/Myeloblastin/PRTN3 Human
pS6 (S235/236)/pRPS6/pRibosomal Protein S6 Mouse
pSMAD2 (Ser465/467) Mouse Human
pSMAD3 (Ser423+Ser425) Mouse
pSTAT1 (Y701) Mouse Human
pSTAT3 (Y705) Mouse Rat Human
pSTAT5 (Y694) Mouse Human
pTau [AT100] (Thr212, Ser214) Human
PTCH1/Patched Mouse
PU.1 Mouse Human
Rat B-Cell[Ki-B1r] Rat
Rat IgG Mouse Rat
RFP/Red Fluorescent Protein/tdTomato Mouse Rat
ROS-1 Human
RPE65 Mouse Rat
Runx2 Mouse Human
S Tag Mouse
S. Aureus/Staph Rat
S100α Mouse Rat Human
S6/RPS6 Human
SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid Mouse
Sca1/Ly6A/E Mouse
Serum Albumin Rat
SIRPa/CD172a/SHPS1 Human
Sox2 Mouse Human
Sox9 Mouse Human
STAT1 Mouse Rat Human
STAT3 Mouse Rat Human
STAT5 Mouse Rat
Substance P Mouse
T-bet/Tbx21 Rat
T7 Tag Mouse
TARC/CCL17 Human
TGFβ1 Mouse Rat Human
TMIGD2 Human
TNFα Rat Human
TP53/p53 Mouse Rat Human
Transglutaminase 2/TGM2 Rat Human
TTR/Transthyretin/Prealbumin Mouse Rat Human
Tyrosine Hydroxylase/TH Mouse Rat Human
UCP1 Mouse
Uteroglobin/SCGB1A1 Mouse Human
V5 Tag Mouse
VCAM/CD106 Rat
VEGF Human
Vimentin Mouse Rat Human
VIP/Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Mouse Human
VSV-G Tag Mouse
vWF/von Willebrand Factor Mouse Rat
Wide Spectrum Cytokeratin Mouse
ZO-1/TJP1 Mouse
αSMA/Smooth Muscle Actin, alpha Mouse Rat Human
αSynuclein Mouse Human
β Catenin/beta-Catenin Mouse Human
β III Tubulin/TUJ1 Mouse Human

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