Inotiv’s pathology laboratories offer you a wide range of services to get the answers you need. Our experienced staff engage in expert tissue handling, specimen preparation, interpretation, and innovative assay development for a broad spectrum of studies, tissues, species, and disease states. Attuned to your goals and timelines, we turn projects around quickly for decision support that exceeds your expectations.

Our attentive histopathology service delivers the following:


  • ACVP board-certified pathologists
  • GLP-compliant processes, data and reporting systems
  • Rapid and flexible scheduling, fast turnaround times
  • Broad therapeutic expertise
  • Primary review, peer review, or both for all study types
  • On-site or remote necropsies, specialized perfusions and/or dissections
  • Reporting

Molecular and Investigative Pathology

  • Frozen sections including serial and step sectioning
  • Plastic embedding and sectioning
  • Immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence
  • Image analysis (multiple platforms)
  • Stereology (multiple platforms)
  • Electron microscopy


  • GLP compliance
  • Robust QC and QA staffing
  • Routine tissue trimming, paraffin embedding, and sectioning
  • H&E staining
  • Non-routine dissections and tissue harvesting
  • Customized trimming and sampling
  • Medical device support
  • Serial sectioning and serial step sectioning

Quantitative Microscopy

At Inotiv, you’ll benefit from industry-recognized expertise in quantitative microscopy. Consultation and design-based techniques coupled with broad histochemical/immunohistochemical capabilities and knowledge of disease ensure we deliver the best and most efficient quantitative evaluations possible to accelerate your development project.

Get expert assistance for:

  • Image Analysis
    • Computer assisted, high-throughput capability
    • Multiple platforms, including Visiomorph™ and Halo™
  • Stereology
    • Unbiased, design-based, using statistically proven principles
    • Multiple platforms, including newCAST™
  • Reporting
    • Pathologist-prepared illustrative images and interpretive reports

Quantitative microscopy provides you with high-quality data for applications such as:

  • Muscle fiber cross-sectional area and Feret’s diameter
  • Co-expression of markers; double-stain positivity in the cytoplasm or nucleus
  • Area and area ratios; volume and volume ratios (e.g., volume of infarcted tissue, collagen, or mucus in an organ)
  • Membrane marker quantitation
  • Immune cells in tumors
  • Object quantitation (e.g., microvessels, amyloid plaque, glomeruli, islets)
  • Number of cells in a structure or organ
  • Microglial activation
  • Layer thickness
  • Proliferation assays

Ask us how microscopic quantitation can help you achieve your objectives.