With Inotiv’s skilled, collaborative scientists and high-efficiency, proprietary instrumentation, you get customized studies that meet your unique information needs while minimizing the number of study subjects. Our AAALAC-accredited laboratory facilities are in Colorado, Missouri, Indiana, and Maryland:

  • Built-for-purpose AAALAC-accredited vivarium
  • Discovery through GLP regulatory-enabling studies 
  • All common research models including NHP
  • Purpose-built CULEX laboratory, set up for automated dosing and sampling including brain microdialysis

Throughout your project, strong lines of communication promote your success, with study design, conduct, and data interpretation that exceed your expectations. We are large enough to provide the experience and resources to complete your projects expertly and on time, while remaining flexible, accessible, and responsive to your needs.


Obtain high-quality data with lead optimization and candidate selection studies to evaluate tolerability, pharmacology, and DMPK parameters.  

We support molecules of all classes, from small molecules and biologics to gene and cellular therapeutics.   

Novel Pharmacology Models

When it benefits your study, your Inotiv team will develop fit-for-purpose, cost-effective, non-routine models of disease. Unique models we have developed to focus on specific targets of interest include:

  • Diabetes and metabolic disease
  • Diet-induced hyperlipidemia/atherosclerosis
  • Inflammation
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Sebaceous gland development
  • Liver-humanized rodent models for hepatic disease, gene delivery, and gene expression studies