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Inotiv has the experience and expertise to collect multiple samples for both PK and PD.  We regularly collect blood samples for pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic analysis, either as a stand alone study or as part of an efficacy experiment. Mice, rats, or guinea pigs may be dosed via any of our IACUC approved routes of administration (PO, IV, SC, IP, IA, IR, IM, ID, Topical, Ad libitum). Animals are then bled at sponsor-requested time points, typically via either the tail vein or retro-orbital routes for interim collections.

*We do not have the ability to analyze the blood samples for drug levels, but can point you to another lab that has that expertise.

Optional Endpoint

  • Cytokine/chemokine analysis via Luminex(R)
  • Other sandwich ELISAs
  • CBC/clinical chemistry analysis
  • Soft tissue collection
  • Histopathologic analysis
  • Immunohistochemistry analysis

For more information about Pharmacokinetic and/or Pharmacodynamic sample collections, contact us here.

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