Contacting the Board of Directors

Any shareholder who desires to contact members of the Board of Directors, including non-management members as a group, may do so by writing to:

Inotiv, Inc.
2701 Kent Avenue
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Send an email to the Corporate Secretary

The corporate secretary will collect all such communications and organize them by subject matter. Thereafter, each communication will be promptly forwarded to the appropriate board committee chairperson according to the subject matter of the communication. Communications addressed to the non-management members as a group will be forwarded to each non-management member of the board.

Contacting the Audit Committee

Any person who would like to contact the Company for the purpose of submitting a complaint regarding accounting, internal accounting controls, or auditing matters may do so via email, by writing to:

Chairman of the Audit Committee
R. Matthew Neff

Send an email to the Audit Committee

Upon receipt of a complaint, the chairman of the Audit Committee will follow a review process and actions dictated in the company’s code of business conduct and ethics.

Investor Relations

Beth A. Taylor, Chief Financial Officer
Inotiv, Inc.

Kalle Ahl, CFA
The Equity Group, Inc.

Devin Sullivan
The Equity Group, Inc.