Selecting the appropriate animal model is fundamental to the success of discovery and development initiatives. Using animal models that reflect the population studied and recapitulate the target human disease state increases the likelihood your study will produce valid data to meet regulatory expectations.

Through years of research, scientists optimized the genome of severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) mice to develop suitable models for use in preclinical research. Liver humanized mouse models — SCID mice xenotransplanted with human liver cells — are suitable for in vivo, toxicology, DMPK, and in vitro studies of human-specific drug candidates.

Inotiv has expertise with both the FRG and the PXB liver humanized mice. These models require special expertise to deliver the results you deserve, and Inotiv has that expertise.

Clients find these models especially valuable in evaluation of human liver disease, especially hepatitis. These models also yield tremendous insights to companies developing cell and gene therapy medicines.

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