John Doherty

John Doherty leads Inotiv’s bioanalysis services. He brings a wealth of bioanalytical chemistry experience to Inotiv, including supervising method development, validation, and sample analysis. He has a track record of success in project management from discovery through clinical phase programs, with extensive laboratory skills in LC-MS/MS. He guarantees Inotiv’s bioanalysis data is produced and reported in compliance with FDA, ICH, EMA Guidelines, GLP regulations, as well as client specifications. Altogether he brings 20 years of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics development and leadership to the team.

Prior to his time at Inotiv, Doherty served as a bioanalytical professional at five different companies, including Pfizer (legacy Wyeth), Novartis, Merck, Achaogen Inc., and Pharmaron. He worked his way up from a bioanalytical chemist at the lab bench to a study director, excelling in both science and leadership. When he joined Achaogen in 2017, it took less than a year for his science and team leadership to accelerate him into a leadership role. He has successfully supported approval of multiple therapeutics, including NMEs with challenging properties. Whatever your product — protein therapeutic, small molecule, or biomarker — John Doherty has the experience to perform even the most technically difficult forms of bioanalysis.

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